How we can help…

I am researching ways we can make donations to the people of Burma. This is one of the charitable organizations that I have found.

Muslim Salvation Organization of Burma (MSOB)
P.O. Box 70, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand
Phone: (053) 308768
Fax: (66 53) 308768
Focus: There are over 6 million people of Muslim background in Burma. About 20% inhabited in Arakan Division bordering with Bangladesh. Part of the Muslims in Arakan Division is called Rohingya Muslims, and they have been persecuted in mass during the past 2 decades. These Rohingya Muslim Refugees are welknown and helped by international Muslim Relief Organizations.

Since early 1980’s the military gvernments of Burma have started persecution on Muslims in other parts of Burma. Many Muslim villages in Karen State, Mon State and Tanassarim Division were burnt down, people were torture, killed and Muslim girls were raped. Masajids and Madarasas were destroyed. Thousands of Muslims fled to Thai border in the Karen insurgent stronghold areas. As the Karen insurgent strongholds have been occupied by the government troops in recent years, these Muslims again fled to Thailand and become refugees. There are about 30,000 to 50,000 Musli refugees in 28 Refugee Camps. Due to lack of funds MSOB could visit 2 Camps and obtained the population data and inspected their needs. They are depending on Christian Missions for their food, shelter and clothes. There are still many shortages n Islamic facilities such as Holy Quran and Islamic Books to teach the children, materials for prayer centers and mosques, electricity at the mosques, water supplies, etc. which the non-Muslim organizations cannot provide. Hitherto no outside Islamic organizations has given attention to help these Burmese Muslim refugees yet. MSOB is a newly formed organization to coordinate the international Islamic organizations to fulfil these needs. Image


About Peace in Humanity

I am a western Muslimah horrified by the genocide of Mulsims taking place globally while the rest of the world closes their eyes and turns their backs. The media is not covering what is happening in places such as Burma and Myanmar because their is no financial interests in these parts of the world so there is no "motivation" to tell their stories never mind give them aid. I am trying to get this information in front of my fellow citizens here in the west. I want to promote peace in all parts of our planet, but this will not happen with out broader perspective to the plight of human innocence (like women and children) who are being exterminated under our noses in the name of holy war.
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