I want to bring to your attention that we are in the midst of a global holocaust, at a much larger scale than the one that was experienced by the Jews in Nazi Germany.  We are seeing Muslims persecuted across the globe, in places like Burma, Myanmar, Syria and Palestine. Actually this crisis is ongoing, since shortly after the second world war.  We are seeing the violence against innocent men, women and children, in the name of holy war,  escalating at an alarming pace with little media coverage and knowledge of what is happening by the western population.  I am hoping to share enough knowledge with the few people I can reach with my limited resources, with the hope that I can help appeal to their moral senses and enlighten their perspective to the dire plight of muslims around the world.



About Peace in Humanity

I am a western Muslimah horrified by the genocide of Mulsims taking place globally while the rest of the world closes their eyes and turns their backs. The media is not covering what is happening in places such as Burma and Myanmar because their is no financial interests in these parts of the world so there is no "motivation" to tell their stories never mind give them aid. I am trying to get this information in front of my fellow citizens here in the west. I want to promote peace in all parts of our planet, but this will not happen with out broader perspective to the plight of human innocence (like women and children) who are being exterminated under our noses in the name of holy war.
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